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Types of dentures

Types of dentures

There are several types of dentures, and each has been designed according to the different needs of each patient. Thus, a person who has an affected tooth does not need the same prosthesis having has damaged teeth.

The types of dentures frequently used can be divided into three: fixed, removable and dental implants. Each has its own characteristics, which we list below to know them better

Fixed prostheses

Are completely tooth-borne, or what is the same, they rely exclusively on teeth.

They are made of porcelain zirconium metal or porcelain pure porcelain

Procedure: The dentist teeth size to be used as support (called abutment teeth) and will be located at the ends of each area that has no teeth, where will cemented. These are called dental crown when restoring a retail charge, or dental bridge when what they do is replace the absence of one or more teeth.

Removable dentures, which in turn can be divided into two groups:

Metal removable prosthesis


  • They also known as skeletal, are actually partial dentures, which means they are clamped in teeth
  • They are used when the patient still has some natural teeth
  • Removable acrylic or full dentures
  • Prothesis-removable-acrylic-o-complete

Popularly called “dentures”.


  • They are used when the patient no longer has any teeth
  • They are made of resinal
  • They are completely tissue-borne, since there are no natural teeth for clamping

Prosthesis on dental implants


Require prior surgery implantology


  • The implant prostheses are usually fixed, but can also be removable
  • They are the most recommended treatment due to its functionality, reliability and durability
  • As already mentioned, each of these types of prosthesis is designed in different types of needs, but at the end of the day should be your dentist who determine which of all is the best choice for you.



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