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Get your Dental Work Done in Tijuana

Get your Dental Work Done in Tijuana

Dental Work Tijuana – Get your Dental Work Done in Tijuana and Save Big Money

The city of Tijuana Mexico has been for many years an important destination for health, medical and dental tourism. North American community from United States and Canada often visit Tijuana to receive the same quality professional health care and dental services at significantly lower prices.

Dental Tourism in Tijuana Mexico

Dental Work services play an important role in heath tourism as as they are one of the most demanded by health tourists in Tijuana. Tijuana is an important destination for travelers looking for professional dental services at very attractive prices.

Enjoy your Dental Tourism Service while you take a little vacation time! There are so many places to visit in Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, CA

Tijuana is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations of Mexico

Tijuana is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations of Mexico primarily because of the ease of traveling to this Mexican border town which is only 17 miles from San Diego, California.

Dental care is not necessarily covered by employer insurance packages. In case an insurance plan does include dental procedures in the array of medical treatments covered by it, it will usually cover only the most basic, least costly works.

What exactly is dental tourism?

Just like the name says, dental tourism involves traveling abroad as a tourist to get dental treatments done. It’s exactly as taking a vacation, but to visit a dentist. There are many places, cities and countries you could visit as a dental tourist, but we are going to give you several reasons as to why dental tourism in Tijuana Mexico is your best option.

Some of the great reasons as to why dental tourism in Tijuana Mexico

An amazing and unforgettable dental vacation

Mexico is popular for its vibrant culture and delicious cuisines that you may not find anywhere else in the world. As such, then it means that Mexico is not only a renowned dental tourist destination, but it can also offer a great way for a dental patient like you to unwind from their hectic life as well. Once you have received dental treatment here, you can relax at one of the country’s spectacular beaches or visit some of the amazing places in Baja.

Now that you know why dental tourism in Tijuana Mexico could be your best choice, we are confident you will consider seeking dental treatment across the border.

Proximity to the US

This is also another great reason as to why you should consider taking advantage of dental tourism in Tijuana Mexico. The city of Tijuana is right on the border, minutes away from San Diego California, which means you are just a drive or flight away from the best dentist in Tijuana Mexico. The fact that you will end up saving so much once you receive dental treatment in Mexico means that even the cost of traveling here will not put a dent on your pocket. This is definitely one thing that has prompted scores of American citizens to seek dental treatments in Tijuana Mexico. You too should take advantage of the proximity of Mexico to the US, especially if you have a limited budget that can’t allow you to get dental treatment in any of the dental clinics in the US.

Get access to a wide array of dental procedures

Because of the large number of skilled dentists in Mexico, coupled with advanced technology, a wide array of dental procedures are available here. These include everything ranging from orthodontic treatment, veneers, dental crowns & caps, dentures, dental implants , full mouth restoration, dental bridges and cosmetic dentistry, among other dental procedures available here. That means that any and all dental needs for your entire family can be taken care of with a dentist in Tijuana.

Low cost of dental procedures

The cost of dental implants in US is 50% to 70% higher than in Mexico. That explains why there are lots of American patients who can’t afford the cost of dental implants, especially the ones who don’t have dental insurance. The high cost of dental procedures in the US and the fact that lots of Americans lack dental insurance, has lead to a surge of American citizens seeking for affordable dental procedures in Tijuana Mexico. As such, you can take advantage of dental tourism in Mexico and you will rest assured of getting low-priced dental procedures along with a wide array of affordable dental services that you can’t get anywhere else in the US. On average dental treatments in Tijuana Mexico will cost you 60% less than what a US dentist would charge.

Unmatched quality of dental care

Nearly all dental clinics in Tijuana Mexico utilize state-of-the art technology. In addition, they also follow very high and strict hygiene standards. Tijuana Dentist are very well trained in all areas of dental care. In fact, thanks to the proximity to the USA, many dentists have studied, and receive constant training in American dental institutions and universities, which means that they are highly trained and experienced in dentistry, just like any dentist in the USA. Also, all dentist that serve dental tourism patients are bilingual, so the language barrier will not be a problem and you will not be lost in translation. Actually, not just the dentists, most of the staff in all Tijuana dental clinics speak English!

Dental Work Tijuana


Dental Work Tijuana

You Can Get Any Kind Of Dental Work Done in Tijuana

Many tourists actually go for major work mostly because of the cost advantages so it’s common to see people having multiple implants and other large cosmetic procedures down there.

Dentist Work Is A lot Cheaper In Mexico

Typically any work you get done in Tijuana will cost ~1/3 of US prices and this is true of most Mexican border towns. How are they able to do it? Mostly because of lower operating costs, lower insurance, lower labor costs  etc.

The dental tourism industry in Mexico is expanding quickly, and it is offering multiple benefits such as affordable dental treatments, high quality dental care, all without having to travel around the world. Actually, the proximity to the US and the amazing low prices are two of the most popular reasons why many US patients are choosing dental tourism in Tijuana Mexico. If you are seeking low-cost dentist services, then it is time you take advantage of this exciting opportunity.


I wanted to write this article to encourage whoever is interested in having dental work done in Mexico. You don’t need to be afraid, and you certainly will save a lot of money. If you need a contact, I have found someone who is great. They have been so helpful to me. I actually live in Denver, Colorado right now, and still find it well worth my while to take yearly trips to my Tijuana dentist for both my Mexico dental procedures as well as medical procedures. From the first time I went down. I found that they have the best prices, use the best materials, and have excellent dentists in Tijuana. They even speak enough English as to make any American feel very comfortable.” 




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Dental Services in Tijuana

Dental Services in Tijuana

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Tijuana Dentist Tourism Tijuana

Dental Tourism Tijuana

Tijuana Mexico has become the main destination where you can find the best dental services at the best price, excellent services and find them the best dentists in Tijuana Mexico, the favorite destination for Dental Tourism Tijuana

Dental Tourism Tijuana
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