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How much does a dental implant?

How much does a dental implant?

The first thing to know is that the final cost of a treatment involving a dental implant depends on several factors. Issues such as the materials used for implants (brands) as well as the cost of treatment itself and certainly the dentist’s fee itself, in addition to the city where you perform the process, are some of the main reasons why which the price varies depending on each specific case. As a result, it is not so easy to determine generally how much a dental implant.

Dental implantsOther aspects to consider to determine the final price of a dental implant are:

The implants have a crown on top, the price can vary from thousands of pesos, that due to the large range of materials and brands, as well as the various parts that make crowns, as the screws. It is therefore very important to learn well what is included in the price offered by the clinic or dentist.

Another important aspect is that the implant carries a healing abutment at the top, which in some cases is charged the same day of surgery, while in others the cost is covered until the implant has healed. Again, it is important to know what includes treatment offered by the specialist.

The dental implant treatment consists of two stages. In the first phase, the specialist will put, for surgery, the screws are current dental implants. The requirement for the appointment of the surgery will be a single appointment time 2 hours. After 4 months of healing the bone around dental implants, the second phase begins. In the second phase of dental implants, they will put a “abutment” or “atachment” which connects up of dental implants. The abutment, is what serves to lay the crown on top. The second phase consists of two appointments with a time span of two days between appointments.

Recovers your smile with dental implants

The main objective of implantology is through dental implants in Tijuana, replace the teeth that the patient has lost no matter what was the cause; some dental disease, a severe blow, etc.

But at the end of the day the patient not only recovered one or more teeth, but the confidence to smile as they once did, without fear that others see “a hole” which was supposed to be a tooth. Necessary to resort to dental implants:

Replace one or more teeth, achieving stability similar or even higher than the original teeth missing
Restore function of the mouth 100%
Recover smile aesthetics
Making the maxillary bone retains its functionality



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