CAD CAM technology dental implants

Technology CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) is the most innovative dental technology available in fixed prostheses and is a very important relative to conventional dental advancement.

With this digital models of the patient’s mouth restorations they are scanned and processed and manufactured using a computer assisted machining. This gives us a great accuracy in the diagnosis and preparation, as well as allowing simulate the surgery we will use in the selected area.

The dental cad cam technology consists of three processes:

Scanning the tooth or dental implant in the model.
Computer design aesthetics prosthesis by a three-dimensional software (for calculating the insertion axis, having reference model antagonist, draw a line in the cervical margin and increases 500%).
And the robotized milling or manufacture of parts from the design information of the prosthesis in a few minutes.
Currently, the dental cad cam technology represents the state of the art in restorative dentistry and allows Propdental Clinics provide patients with dental treatments rehabilitators using highly accurate, standardized and customized process.

Advantages of dental CAD / CAM

We now know that dental prostheses made with dental cad cam technology for making computer-aided present a more accurate thanks to automated design and milling process marginal adaptation.

High dental aesthetics because it uses highly translucent ceramic.
Accuracy adaptation to the teeth, with an exact marginal seal, ensuring its long-term performance.
Manufacturing speed because it simplifies the steps robotized and in the laboratory.
Greater intervention planning because it allows the clinician to know exactly where to place the implants and have a guide to avoid any change on planned position.

Steps in prosthetic rehabilitation with this technology applied to dentistry:

The dentist performs carving or preparation of the tooth or implant in the dental clinic, takes impressions of the patient’s mouth and makes a plaster model sent to the laboratory of dentures.
Prosthetic employ dental cad cam to scan and move to digitized computer model of the patient’s mouth.
With a computer program prostheses on the digitized image the patient’s mouth is designed.
Once designed the teeth, the prosthetic gives the order to the computer and it begins to be milled zirconium until the tooth as it was designed on the computer.

The finished tooth is sent by the prosthetic dentist, who will place it in the patient Clinics for rehabilitation with dentures.

With dental CAD cam and the different ceramic materials can be made in all sorts of clinics aesthetic restorations and metal-free prosthesis. This is the most innovative digital technology for high quality dental treatments and more accurate restorations, employing the computer not only to design but also to make dentures.